May 14 2020

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120 hours and the “Jesse Mask“

It’s taken me about 120 hours and I am finally producing masks that I like. I’ve tried well over a dozen designs in addition to the 20-something designs from Tsan and modifications I attempted. At first the sewing and cutting was a challenge. Recently, it has been the fit and assembly process that I have been working on.

Well, all of this has come together with the fantastic help from Cindi Rang and the folx at The Fabric Patch who are now using the super-versatile Jesse Killion designed “Jesse Mask”.

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  1. Randy Hall

    Thank you. Your work on this are true appreciated!

  2. Sylvia A Harris

    Thank you Jesse. I just cut out all the patterns, and will make them out of kona cloth for fittings. I came across a cashier whose mask was perched under her nose because blue accordion fold one hurt her ears. I stopped right then and there in the grocery store measured her with receipt paper and we will see which one fits.

  3. T

    Hello Sir,

    Your mask design seems brilliant, however I don’t know how to sew. Please let me know if you are making any for sale.

    Thank you,

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