May 21 2023

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05-21-23 – The Cookout Collective

Sheri, Casandra, Dave and I had quite the productive conversation last night about the art piece we are bringing to the playa this year.

To recap, we are creating a space for Black people to feel welcome. We are setting up Black art in a 200×200 foot or 300×300 foot area 50-100 yards from the trash fence somewhere around 1:15. We will have a stage/sanctuary space, art, some seating, a bit of shade and a salon for Black women.

We talked a little about having the stage within the sanctuary space versus creating a separate distinct sanctuary near the stage. We would like to have one fire pit further from “the action” but would also like to incorporate fire near the stage – so long as people dancing to the performances are safe.

While we definitely want to encourage Black people using the space to host food-related activities, we are super conscientious of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and the potential for uncontrolled garbage. We have to find a good solution (and I am sure we will).

We are suuuuuper excited about the solon and want to spend a ton of time creating it and making it welcoming and relaxing. Rae had some great ideas on Friday. The design has begun!

The main focus of our piece will be the interactive art that people bring. We don’t know what is going to happen but it is sure to be fantastic.

Our last night will be Friday, September 1, 2023. We will break down everything and have the entire space mooped before Saturday evening. Possibly our most critical crew members are going to be our Saturday MOOOP/Pack Team™️. [Maybe we should call our cleanup crew Radically Lit.]

This is all so exciting!

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