Oct 16 2020

Bike Party 10-16-20

So we are hard at working creating a new speaker for Bike Party events. We are modeling it around the EcoXGear EcoBoulder which we have a number of and love. The main issues with the EcoBoulder are that it is not Open Source and the bass is lacking. We are not called Little Bass Heads …

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Aug 18 2020

Bicycle Thumper – 08-18-20

We are working on a new design that is currently called the Bicycle Thumper.

The idea comes from a number of people in our crew and most actively from Robin and Torben. The design requirements are:

1) Battery powered 2) Mobile 3) Sonically pure 4) Multiple paired boxes

It must play for a minimum of …

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Aug 16 2020

Back at it

Sheri, Torben and Keith jumped back in and helped shorten the frame of the new art. Great social distancing activity on a fantastic night in the Bay Area. Joyous.

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Jul 26 2020

A little solder

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May 15 2020

No middle seam

It sure would be nice if the front of the mask was a single piece of fabric without a middle seam. This would allow for much larger patterns and customized placement of design elements.

Sounds like a fun project. Better get one of my cats involved.

I cut out the two inside …

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May 14 2020

120 hours and the “Jesse Mask“

It’s taken me about 120 hours and I am finally producing masks that I like. I’ve tried well over a dozen designs in addition to the 20-something designs from Tsan and modifications I attempted. At first the sewing and cutting was a challenge. Recently, it has been the fit and assembly process that I have …

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May 06 2020

Florida Prototype 2 Mask – Edit


I simply LOVE Sewstine. She is someone I could listen to for hours. Super sensible and answers all of my questions without me needing to ask them.

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

A worthy goal for a year is to learn enough about a subject so that you can’t believe how ignorant you …

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Mar 30 2020

03-30-20 Truck

Fusion file so far.

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Mar 28 2020

Juke Joint

A juke joint for the bottom. This is where the live band / Dj will play.

A Saharan tent for the cubby. A plush, warm and relaxing spot to rest your bones.

A Paris bistro for the top. I specifically want the floor tiles, the wicker chairs, the round metal tables and a …

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Mar 24 2020

Truck Model 03-24-20

Here is the 03-24-20 truck model.

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