Feb 22 2021

Two systems

We brought out two Bike Party systems to test on Saturday for a friend’s birthday gathering. Both had issues. So… back to the lab for some hacking. After futzing for a bit (and figuring out and following colors!) I finally got the two systems up and running together.

So happy!

These sound fantazzzmick!! I …

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Feb 21 2021

That’s odd


Never stop learning.

I wrote the post below and kept thinking to myself; “This just can’t be right.” I picked up an unopened bag and realized with a shock; “Doh!!! These are extension cables. One end is female and the other is male. The connectors are not the same – the >>ENDS

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Feb 16 2021

About 4 hours

Start to finish, assembling this box took about 4 hours. I did not paint the port and plan to apply wood sealer (Bondi?) in the future.

If I used the belt sander, I could shave off (see what I did there?) a half hour or so. If I tried hard, including cutting, I bet …

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Jan 29 2021

Passive Radiator Boom Box

Our new Radiator Boom Box used (2) 5.25″ drivers for the mids and highs and (4) 5.25″ passive radiators for bass.

Power is supplied by the 10ah LiFePO4 battery pushing the JBL 4 channel amp. EQ is by Planet Audio.

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Dec 06 2020

Set-Up Questions And Answers in Fusion 360

1) Use the new (as of 2020) “Arrange” feature in Manufacture Workspace in Fusion 360 to nest all parts for cutting. (I made a 3 minute video on how to use this feature.)

2) Edit the new setup.

A) Right click the new setup and select “Edit”

B) I always start with the third …

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Dec 06 2020

Getting closer

After over a dozen iterations, we are closing in on an overall design that is feeling good. The 3 photos below shows two of the first 4 builds along with the current 12-03-20 version.

We are using 1/2” Baltic Birch plywood and just the wood weighs in at 38lbs.

Fully …

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Dec 02 2020

Tool Paths – Bike Party 12-01-20

Bike Party – 12-01-20 Bike Party – 12-01-20.zip

Below are some thoughts on the tool paths used to cut the Bike Party 12-01-20 file.  

[T2] Score all parts

Tool: 1/4″ Down-spiral Top height: Stock top Bottom height: Stock top – .15

Why: We are using 1/2″ Baltic Birch as our stock. This plywood has …

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Nov 29 2020

Rethinking our input requirements

I also raised the crossover point on the sub so it has more punch and lets the speakers above work a little less for a given output. – Mike Hatt

Robin jumped in and asked why we settled on the particular head unit we chose. This sent Mike down a rabbit hole of questioning …

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Nov 29 2020

Mike has some thoughts

Mike played around with the Bike Party system from 11-12-20 and shared the following thoughts.

From source to speakers

Head unit: All head units clip no matter the quality/price point. While this is annoying, once accepted as fact, it becomes easier to configure amplifier gains and expectations accordingly. Our particular Pioneer unit does not like …

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Nov 28 2020

Bike Party – 11-28-20

Mike came up on Wednesday and fooled around with the Bike Party box quite a bit. Based on feedback from him, we have incorperated the updates below.

1) Increased the height by 3.5 inches.

The dimensions of the box are now:

Width: 17 Height: 29.6 Depth: 16.5

2) Decreased the depth of the mechanicals cabinet. …

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