Jul 14 2023

New beginnings

The Juke Joint gets a new floor, new crew members join, tickets arrive, we build a new platform for the subs and she makes her first sound run of the year. The Burning Man push has truly begun. Great things are happening!

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Jul 11 2023

Drag Storytime – Saturday, July 22 2023

What: Drag Storytime

Where: Freemont Main Library 2400 Stevenson Blvd Fremont, Ca. 94538

When: Saturday, July 22, 2023. 10:30am

Description Come join us for some songs, stories, and fabulous fun! Drag Storytime is an excellent way to introduce children to LGBTQ+ role models and help them learn about gender and inclusivity. We will have a …

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Jul 10 2023

The Juke Joint is home again!

Yeah!! The Juke Joint is home again from Max’s Auto.

We will be deciding what to build on her this week. Please let me know if you are interested in helping us plan out her immediate future.

The goal is to be finished with all construction by August 1st.

Let’s go!

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Jul 09 2023

Mo’ Betta in Reno

Shameka put out the call and Mike, Wes, Joe, Manjou and I answered. We spent Thursday straight through Sunday organizing and packing two shipping containers that will be delivered to camp on the playa.

This was a ton of hot and dusty work but along the way, we all became much closer and had a …

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Jun 28 2023

Come help sew Zhina

Morteza has put out the call: Zhina needs people to help sew.

From Morteza:

The basic work for this weekend is measuring and marking the panels to sew on the Velcro strips and then stitch another panel in for the other part of the Velcro. A bit more precision work than last weekend …

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Jun 26 2023

Zoo Labs Grant Application 2023

We are applying for a Zoo Labs grant for 2023. This post contains data to support our application.

— Zoo Labs Grant

Little Bass Heads Sound Systems (LBH Sound) was formed in 2015 to build the best sound systems on the planet and give the designs away for free. Mike Hatt is the …

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May 21 2023

05-21-23 – The Cookout Collective

Sheri, Casandra, Dave and I had quite the productive conversation last night about the art piece we are bringing to the playa this year.

To recap, we are creating a space for Black people to feel welcome. We are setting up Black art in a 200×200 foot or 300×300 foot area 50-100 yards …

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May 15 2023


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May 09 2023

unSCruz 2023

Casandra and I created a camp for unSCruz designed to make Black and brown people feel welcomed, safe and seen at the event. We ran in to quite a few problems along the way but… I think everyone involved will agree that it turned out to be a fantastic success. We sure saw lots of …

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May 01 2023

Some of the bestest peeps

We had a fantastic work day because some of the best peeps showed up. Mike, Cass, Peters, Lloyd and Charles started off by testing camp layout and our camping supplies. Gerald, Manun, Jemma and Rae jumped right in on fixing the truck, lighting and the sign. And as the sun went down Alex and Torben …

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