Feb 10 2019

Happy Birthday Sheri!! ❤️

Seani set up a fantastic surfing and scuba trip to Sayulita, Mexico for Sheri’s 50th birthday. A great time was had by all!

Below is my “El Búho” Spotify playlist inspired by the music we heard while there.

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Jan 04 2019

Getting there in ‘19

Robin brought in the New Year by completely stylin’ the joint and taking us up a level (or two!) Jake stopped by to talk about his movie and help me tare up Robin’s floor and lay a subfloor (better for dancing). Krystle painted a piece for herself [What ho!] And Mike convinced me I needed …

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Sep 19 2018

PB18 – 09-19-18

We are releasing another open source version of the PB18 today. The cabinet is:

22.5 wide 25 tall 31.5 deep

The weight for the wood is about 65 pounds. With the driver and all hardware, this box comes in under 90 lbs.


PB18 (Fusion 360 Download Link)

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Jun 11 2018

PB 18

PB 18

Ported Bass 18″ 06/11/18

Designed by Mike Hatt of Ivan Sound.

Fusion 360 modeling by Ulan McKnight of LBH Sound.

This file is free to use in any way that you see fit. It would be nice if you shared any modifications/upgrades/insights with the community but there is no requirement to do so.

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Jun 10 2018

Notes on Dogbones – 06/10/18

The Dogbone script is an invaluable add-on to Fusion 360 that allows us to CAM corners. Thank you Mr. Rogers! You have saved me countless hours of time and you update the files regularly. You are a true Open Source Hero in my book!!

The most important thing to know about dogbones is that you, …

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Jun 03 2018

Beach Party #2

Dave and Jules threw a birthday party for themselves.

Revelry ensued. Great fun was had by all.

Same time/place next year. Or, as Deana would say; “Mark it on your calendar.”

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May 25 2018

Digital Fabrication Final

I am part of a Burning Man Mutant Vehicle camp (Unaverz) that has brought sound to the playa since 2013. We have been using our own custom designed speakers. This year, I decided to upgrade all of our speaker cabinets with digitally fabricated ones.

Our system uses a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) “the brains” to …

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Apr 28 2018

Session 025 with Dave Lloyd and Keith Cich

Another day, another session.

Figured I’d add a few random Little Bass Heads related images for giggles. Lots has been going on. Might as well document a bit of it 🤷🏾‍♂️💪🏽🎉

Session 025 with Dave Lloyd and Keith Cich (download)



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Mar 16 2018

Months of Sessions

Sheesh! We recorded them, but I never posted these. Clearly, we have been busy.

Playing around with AmpFreqq skunky-amp-freqq-1.wav

Eldon Connor – Session 017 session-017-with-eldon-connor.wav

Dave Lloyd – Session 017 session-017-with-dave-lloyd.wav

Dave Lloyd – Session 018 session-018-with-dave-lloyd.wav

Dave Lloyd – Session 019 session-019-with-dave-lloyd.wav

Charles Vickery, Keith Cich and Max Ferreira 01 – Session 020 …

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Mar 12 2018

Space Camp 2018

Nacho was turning 30 and wanted to throw a party with his fursuited friends. Faction Brewing provided the venue and LBH provided the sound.

Space Camp 2018 was fantastic!

And finally… a nice live guitar solo and some cool video from …

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